Jalene Case, EdM, ACC, CPCC

I help you connect with yourself (first!) so you can go all-in on accomplishing what’s most meaningful to you and, as a result, you help make our world a better place.

I like to think of my education, work experience, and passion as the perfect trifecta to do just that. Scroll on to learn more about me.

The nitty gritty: I have 35+ years of business experience, a Masters degree in Education focused in Organization and Human Resource Education, am a Certified Professional Coach, love learning about human development, and have an adventuresome, hug-loving spirit.

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Kind Words from Clients

Jalene is living proof that a passion quells fear and vision ameliorates doubt. With deep wisdom and electric enthusiasm, Jalene delivers compelling experiences that crack open new doors of possibilities to recharge our languishing dreams and invigorate our hearts to want more for ourselves and our world.
Work if Jalene if you’re looking for a coach and facilitator who goes all in, every time, to bring out your absolute best, and drive lasting transformation. Thank you for seeing all of my gifts and for helping me get them out into the world in my most powerful way.
Jalene has a profound ability to see people for who are at their core. Her creative approaches to discovering and exploring the gaps between where her clients are now and where they yearn to be have allowed me to
understand my unique offerings to the world and align my life plan in a way that has allowed me to catapult forward with my career and personal life.