Jalene Case, EdM, ACC, CPCC

I help you get comfortable in your own skin and turn your ideas into actions!

I like to think of my education, work experience, and passion as the perfect trifecta to do just that. Scroll on to learn more about me.
The nitty gritty: I have 35+ years of business experience, a Masters degree in Education focused in Organization and Human Resource Education, am a Certified Professional Coach, love learning about human development, and have an adventuresome, hug-loving spirit.

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Kind Words from Coaching Clients

With Jalene’s amazing attention, challenges and feedback, she has helped me reawaken my spirit for creating the life I want to live. Each session is goal-oriented, and if I cannot think of a goal, she quickly helps me zero in on one, we work on it, and then there is homework. I enthusiastically recommend you try Jalene if you want to light-up your creative self.
— Joanna Alexander
I dedicate my life to helping others as an author and children’s therapist. However, as I give to others, I am reminded of how much I need to give back to myself. My time with Jalene as my coach is my treat back to myself. I am re-inspired and re-dedicated to my work every time I speak with her. Jalene’s blend of intuitive power and practical sense offers me new ways of interacting with my situation to create evidence of true change. The inner transformation I feel inside also confirms that major shifts are happening within my life.
— Kerri Perisich
Jalene was “with me all the way”! I felt like I was never gong to accomplish what I’d hoped to, which was to write a legacy for my family that would be more than just a genealogy. I both love and don’t love the hard questions Jalene asks me. However, each question helps me look deeper and then I feel an inner knowing and sense of wholeness as I answer that question myself. She helps me both think and feel with no sense of judgment. She has supported me each step of the way toward getting the project done. I will be forever thankful.
— Scotty Folger