Ready to get your spine-tingling ideas done? 

I'm with you all the way!

What I love about the coaching relationship is that with trust, confidentiality, and courage, you get to be curious about you. It's all about you. All of our focus is on exploring who you want to be and what you want to 

I'm an Executive and Personal Development coach so we can work together on the professional and personal aspects of your life.

Here are a few scenarios to give you a sense of when to consider coaching:

You know it’s time to step into the next version of yourself, to play a new role, to be the person you imagine yourself being at work and at home. You want to be comfortable in your own skin.

You have a great new job and want to show up as the executive leader that you know you can be! The problem is that your outer confidence hasn't caught up with you inner visions.

You want to finish something important to you. You have a sense of urgency and don't want to wait anymore.

There’s a writing or creative project that has been calling to you to finish for quite a while now. You're ready to shift into gear and move forward. The problem is that you're stuck in neutral.

These are only a few examples of when coaching can help. There are seriously endless possibilities of how having a coach, a person in your corner, can help you become who you want to be and do what you want to do.


together we will:

  • Fulfill your goals
  • Develop new skills and perspectives
  • Change self-defeating habits
  • Overcome obstacles blocking you from what you truly desire
  • Connect you with your inner wisdom, your imperfectly, perfect, brilliant self!

Are you ready to clarify your vision, choose the changes you want to make, and complete the goals you set for yourself? 

Schedule a complimentary Curious About Coaching Session with me to ask questions, learn more about coaching, and experience a wee bit of coaching.

Here's to new adventures!

 This photo is a ferry crossing in Bolivia, on  my travels  to the southern tip of South America.

This photo is a ferry crossing in Bolivia, on my travels to the southern tip of South America.