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Step Up & Show Up

How do you want to step up?

Think about where you're playing small. Is there something at work that you want to do but you're afraid you might not be able to pull it off? Is there a dream that feels too big? Is there a challenge you want to rise to but you keep turning away instead?

One area in which I've stepped up is in naming specific goals. For example, in the past I've been comfortable writing that I will build my work with teams inside organizations. Given that vague target, how would I ever know when to do the happy dance? 

Stepping up means setting this kind of goal: Gain 10 business clients by 12/31/18 to produce a total of “X” amount of income. It scares me and excites me to declare this to myself, let alone to all of you! This is a step up. I can feel the buzz of excitement, mixed with fear, as I write this post, the tell-tell sign that I’m taking a step beyond my comfort zone.

How do you want to show up

Imagine the influence of what you wear, your body language, the atmosphere you create by vulnerably sharing your opinions, the way in which you're showing up in your everyday life. Take a meta-view of yourself. What do you look like? How are you behaving? Are you satisfied with it?

I've been experimenting with changing the way I dress when I'm going to anything remotely related to building my business. Rather than show up looking like I'm a work from home solopreneur, I'm dressing like the President/CEO that I also am. I look different. I behave different. I'm treated different. I'm showing up on the outside, as the woman I know I am on the inside. 

These are just a couple of ways I’m stepping up and showing up in a new way.

What does it look like when you step up and show up in a new way?

In the spirit learning,


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