Eat, Rest, Move

Think of everything you do to take care of the possessions in your life. Now think of everything you do to take care of your physical body. My friend Ray says, “Sometimes my mind writes checks that my body can’t cash.” In other words, what your body can give you is in direct correlation to what you’ve given your body.

Whenever I’m feeling physically yucky, I examine the basics first. Am I eating well, getting enough rest and exercising? While this sounds perfectly balanced and it would be lovely to live there all the time, let’s face it, being perfectly balanced all the time is impossible. The key is to not stray too far from feeling centered while avoiding a vain search for the exact formula for being perfectly balanced all the time. Assessing my eating, resting and exercising is a check point. It’s a place for me to start figuring out where I’m out of whack so I can help myself feel better. The process of tuning into my body helps me pay attention to signals that I may have missed because I’m too busy being busy.

In order to feel, hear, and know your inner self, you need to distinguish between the vast array of feelings in your body. Caring for and knowing your body is essential. When your physical body is strong and healthy, your inner voice will be clearer. Get curious about the results created from how you’re treating your body. Pretend you’re a scientist. Experiment. Have fun.

Eating: Change one eating habit and notice how it feels in your body. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking of what you may (or may not!) want to change. For example: How does it feel to eat more vegetables, refrain from drinking alcohol, eliminate caffeine, eat enough protein, avoid sugar, eat whole grains, avoid gluten, or drink plenty of water? I’m not suggesting you make all these changes. I’m suggesting you learn more about what makes your body feel great because what you put into your body affects how you feel outside as well as inside.

Resting: If you feel tired, take a nap or go to bed earlier. Try giving yourself rest when your body cries out for it. 

Moving: Exercise to feel good on the inside with looking great on the outside being a delightful byproduct. Try exercising your body in whatever way works for you. How you like to exercise may change over time, so don’t get caught up in trying to find the one perfect routine for the rest of your life. Do what interests you right now. Start slow and do it on a regular basis. 


Choose one thing to change. Remember, be curious, play, experiment and notice how you feel as a result.

Write about how it felt to think of making the change, how you felt while you were in the process of making the change, and how you felt after you made the change. Do you want to stick with this change for a while? Do you want to try something else? The choice is yours.