Land of Balancing

In my 30's, when I was in a Bachelor degree program, I wrote a 40-page paper on Balance. I loved the idea of it, dreamed of it, really believed that if I could find the land of Balance, I would be calm, productive, and forever happy.

Pop! That's the sound of the balance illusion exploding. At some point I realized that there's no such thing as balance. It's the unicorn of self-improvement. There's only the land of Balancing. That's where I'm writing to you from now.

I am balancing once again after traveling while working for eleven days recently. During that time, I drove 1,221 miles, coached clients, observed a leadership course in which I will be a facilitator soon, was a student in a course on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and facilitated a Stress Management Seminar for a corporation. I arrived home to my husband and a wonderful couple from Spain, whom we met in Ecuador during our motorcycle travels in 2016, and had invited to stay with us during their motorcycle travels.

I loved everything I did and everyone I was with and...I tipped too far out-of-balance. I felt emotionally and physically exhausted, fuzzy-headed, and knew I needed time to recharge. Giving myself what I needed felt kind and loving, and it worked.

The key is to notice when we're too far from our balancing point and move gently back toward it with oodles of self-compassion. Like Tree Pose in yoga, balancing on one foot with constant micro-movements to continually find the center balancing point for a moment.

What do you notice in your thoughts, body, or emotions when you're out of balance?

And then, how do you move back toward the land of Balancing?

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,




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