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Living With More Heart

Sunrise on Lake Titicaca.


We're 13 months into our adventure and I'd like to share with you how traveling is opening my heart in a new way.

I’ve been practicing a couple of new-to-me concepts, which are changing how I understand the people and places we’re visiting, and what I believe is possible for the future.

From our hotel balcony, I’ll share a bit of what I’m experiencing, and in the background you’ll hear sounds from the shores of Lake Titicaca and the small town of Copacabana, Bolivia. It's a touristy town near the border with Peru so don't be surprised if you hear a very recognizable song in the end :)

If your curious about the book, here's a link to it: Untethered Soul 

From my heart to yours, I send you love.

In the spirit of learning,



Travel Learning: Lesson 2 of 10

The massive trunk of this tree and all its burls, curves, and branches, make me think of the many dialogues that happen within us to shape us into who we are. This tree is located in Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico and has the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world! Its age is unknown, somewhere between 1,500 to 6,000 years old. 

Lesson 2 of 10: Magical Trio

Had I listened to the pain shooting down my arm earlier, I would not still be nursing my rotator cuff. Thanks to our friend Jennifer, the Physical Therapist, I know how to tend to it and am slowly mending.

I’m learning to appreciate that my body is communicating with me all the time. It says, “stretch me, exercise me, rest me, massage me, feed me,” and more. Whether I’m home or on the road, I can unconsciously let the noise of other demands from life override my physical feelings. I’m surprised by how often my mind (consciously and unconsciously!) denies my body’s simple requests. But it’s deeper than that.  

I’m appreciating the interaction between my mind, body, and soul, and doing my best to pay attention to the conversation going on inside me. What a magical trio we have inside us.

Since my life has slowed down, I can see the moving parts with more clarity. Right now, I’m sitting on the front porch of a cabana 20 yards away from the warm Pacific Ocean in Mexico on Zipolite Playa. My inner dialogue this morning went something like this: My body was hungry when I first woke up so I fixed oatmeal and coffee. Then, my body wanted to go for a walk but my soul really wanted to journal. My soul won on this one. Then, my mind wanted to work on this blog post so, here I am. I know. The walk lost out but I’ll do it at some point today. It’s a never-ending give and take.

I know that when I take care of myself, I’m deeply happier, and I have more of the best of me to give everyone around me. As I share from a joy-filled place, I’m contributing to the swirl of good juju in the world.

In the spirit of learning,


Talking to Gremlins

New to this blog? Here's the scoop:

On August 10, 2015, my husband Keith and I took off on our motorcycles for a 2-ish year journey from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. During this time, I'm dedicating my blog to the inner journey taking place as a result of our adventure.

I tattooed my bike with notes from my soul and, named her Lola, which stands for "Live Out Loud and Aware."

A bit about this video:

This video was created on November 16, 2015, day 98 on the road, in Guanajuato, Mexico.

My inner gremlin has crept out of her hiding place and prominently into my thoughts. By "inner gremlin," I mean the obsessive planner side of me. The part that desperately wants to know what I'll be doing for work when this trip is finished. Without my having a job or daily routine to camouflage or stun her into submission, her voice is loud. On a positive note, I get to have a conversation with her while I'm riding the roads of Mexico. On a negative note, it's not much fun.

Traveling is magnifying my quirks. Fun? No. Growth provoking? Yes.

If you're curious about your inner gremlin, here are some questions to ponder.

How can you distinguish the voice of your soul compared to the voice of your inner gremlin? 

How does it feel to give your inner gremlin a name or draw an image of him/her? Do you sense a change in the relationship? If so, can you feel it in your body, too?

Try talking with your gremlin. What does he/she have to say? How might you work together rather than be adversaries?

If you'd like to explore the gremlin concept more, here's a link to the book I talked about in the video: Taming Your Gremlins by Rick Carson

From Gwendolyn (my inner gremlin) to yours, "Let's work together to make magic happen in our life!"

Changing Basic Happiness Needs

The further we travel from our "normal" lives, the more my needs change. In this video made in Wetampka, Alabama at my friend Wendy's place, I talk about just that. When I thought about it later, these "daily needs" are built on a foundation of love and connection with my family and friends. I'm grateful to have them in my life and it's super important to me that we stay connected during our time on the road.

Talking to Myself

New to this blog? Here's the scoop:

On August 10, 2015, my husband Keith and I took off on our motorcycles for a 2ish-year journey from Oregon to the tip of South America. During this time, I'm dedicating this blog to the inner journey that takes place as a result of our adventure.

This video was created on September 17, 2015 (day 37 on the road) and I'm sharing my continued exploration of journaling and the results of talking to myself from a curious perspective.