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Blog Series: Returning Home and My Peeps

Reconnecting with My Peeps...My Girlfriends!

Hi! Here's a link to the first post in this series: Returning Home and Family in which I talked about being with family for the first time in nearly 2 years after our epic adventure on motorcycles to the southern tip of South America. More on the trip here.

In this post, I want to give you a sense of what it was like getting together with my girlfriends for the first time in nearly 2 years.

Mary Kay in front, Katy downhill, on a hike near Newport.

Mary Kay in front, Katy downhill, on a hike near Newport.

Keith, me, Cindy, and her husband Kevin at their home in Tucson. 

Reconnecting with My Peeps...My Girlfriends!

Getting together with friends was different than family. Our families are conveniently gathered in one place, mine in Boise, and Keith’s in Tacoma. Our friends are spread all over so we saw them one or two at a time. I discovered, to my dismay, that it took a lot of energy to have intense reconnection-style conversations. That meant I couldn’t cram them together in my schedule as quickly as my heart wished for. However, slowly but surely, I got to have real, in-person conversations with the friends I love.

Talking in person is so different than online whether it’s via video, audio, or written. In person, there’s energy surging back and forth between two beings. There's more emotion, curiosity, meandering from topic to topic, and tangible heart connection.

I remember seeing my friend Katy for the first time. Before we left, Katy and I, along with close friends Mary Kay and Cindy, had hiked an 8-mile loop around Newport nearly every Sunday for a few years. We talked the entire time we hiked. We knew each other. After our travels, Katy and I met in a coffee shop in Hillsboro for a quick catch-up. I was stunned when I first saw her and felt her in-person energy. I sensed we had so much we had to say to each other. We talked non-stop for about an hour, sharing deeply as if we had just seen each other last week. That’s what I missed during our travels -- sharing deeply with a person whose stories I know and who knows mine. Our whole selves connected as our stories poured out of us.

With my buddy Cyn on "my" Beverly Beach near our home.

A similar reconnection scene played out with all the friends I've been with so far. I am grateful beyond words to be with my friends again. When I was without them for nearly two years, there was a part of me that felt like a plant withering from lack of water. Being able to give them hugs in real life and have rambling real conversations feels like water for my soul.

I would have never guessed that missing my peeps was the most challenging aspect of the entire 23 months away from home!

There's no doubt in my mind. Genuine relationships with friends is extremely valuable to me. I need them. I need our meaningful, vulnerable, happy conversations. So often it takes having something removed from our lives before we appreciate how much it means to us.

I'm curious, "What do your friends bring into your lives?"

 In the spirit of learning,


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