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All-in like a kid!

Remember the feeling of running as fast as you can? I got to watch that energy in action this week when I attended the track meet of my 11-year old niece Sedona in Boise, Idaho. She's the one with the strawberry blonde hair and "Highland's Elementary" visible on her shirt.

When she was running, I was caught up in picture-taking and the roar of parents cheering on their kids. Afterward, I looked closely at the photos and saw the all-out mental focus and physical effort she exerted during her 50-yard sprint. It was clear that on the inside, she really wanted to win. Her heart was all in! I recalled her adrenaline fed excitement at the end of the race. Afterward, I started thinking about how all these qualities connect with our heartfelt projects as adults.

As I build my business, I want to be like a kid running all-out! Mentally, I want to focus on what's most important. Physically, I want to take care of my body so I feel great and have the stamina to do good work. Emotionally, I want my work to be meaningful and helpful to my clients and that means it comes from my heart.

The difference between running a sprint as an 11-year old and running a business as a 54-year old is that I'm not racing against anyone and yet, at the core, the all-in energy exerted is the same. 

How can you "run like a kid" toward what's most important to you?

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


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