Outside Our Comfort Zone

Hey there!

I’m guessing that you’re a person who dares to step outside your comfort zone, to challenge yourself, to expand what’s possible for you — personally and professionally.

What do you do when you stumble and fall, when reality doesn’t match the brilliant vision in your mind? It’s bound to happen. It happens to all of us who say, “Yes!” to doing something new because it excites us, even though it also scares the heck out of of us. Let’s talk about how we can support ourselves when (not if!) we stumble.

In the spirit of creating lives we love!


2019 Creation Sessions

What are you doing to wrap up 2018 and hit the ground running in 2019?

Where are you heading in 2019?

I’ve been in my own deep-dive process of reviewing 2018, and designing a system for setting and tracking my most meaningful goals for 2019. I feel focused on what I want to create and excited to do it!

I’d love to be your partner to coach you in:

  • Reviewing your accomplishments from 2018

  • Designing a 2019 goal setting and tracking system that works for you

  • Tapping into the primal power of your values

  • Building a support system to inspire and nurture you

Reach out to me and we’ll customize a program for you.

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