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Seeing the Next You

There will be times when we're in the ugly duckling stage of becoming the next version of ourselves, and we can’t clearly see what that next self will be. If we're lucky, we get a glimpse of it. It feels like, "Yes! That's the kind of woman I want to be!" That's the kind of experience I had this week.

All-in like a kid!

Remember the feeling of running as fast as you can? I got to watch that energy in action this week when I attended the track meet of my 11-year old niece Sedona in Boise, Idaho. She's the one with the strawberry blonde hair and "Highland's Elementary" visible on her shirt.

When she was running, I was caught up in picture-taking and the roar of parents cheering on their kids. Afterward, I looked closely at the photos and saw the all-out mental focus and physical effort she exerted during her 50-yard sprint. It was clear that on the inside, she really wanted to win. Her heart was all in! I recalled her adrenaline fed excitement at the end of the race. Afterward, I started thinking about how all these qualities connect with our heartfelt projects as adults.

As I build my business, I want to be like a kid running all-out! Mentally, I want to focus on what's most important. Physically, I want to take care of my body so I feel great and have the stamina to do good work. Emotionally, I want my work to be meaningful and helpful to my clients and that means it comes from my heart.

The difference between running a sprint as an 11-year old and running a business as a 54-year old is that I'm not racing against anyone and yet, at the core, the all-in energy exerted is the same. 

How can you "run like a kid" toward what's most important to you?

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


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Living In Flow

When are you flowing with, versus pushing against, what's coming to you?

My airplane's-eye view enroute from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho this week.

My airplane's-eye view enroute from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho this week.

I should have cancelled my trip to Boise this week because the primary purpose for it was postponed. But I didn't. I had just enough other things scheduled that I thought it might be worth my while.

There was an intuitive whisper that nudged me forward. Toward what? I didn't know the answer. I've been practicing focusing my awareness on times when I'm able to flow with circumstances that don't go as planned, and on times when I get frustrated and push against what's happening. As a result of my not cancelling, several serendipitous, meaningful scenarios played out that I couldn't have orchestrated in advance. I'm so happy that I flowed rather than resisted the changes, and didn't cancel the trip.

The photo above seemed like the perfect metaphor for living in the flow. We can't see the big picture of our life, of how experiences and people influence us and vice versa. However, we know they flow together (when we allow them!) to shape the landscape of our lives.

How might you practice living in flow?

In the quest of knowing ourselves,


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Following Your Trail

Are you following your trail or someone else's?

This week, I felt like I was beginning to follow the sought-after guidance of other people too often. I was hiking their trail instead of mine. Every shiny new bit of guidance was appearing on my to do list, on my web page, and in my goals. 

Thinking about that, I remembered a trail I hiked in Honduras with fellow travelers that had all those qualities —surprising, bumpy, steep, muddy, wild, and peaceful. And, I realized, so does building my business.

It was time to recalibrate my internal GPS a bit to stay on my trail.

I'm reconnecting with my heart's voice, the thing that makes me, me. I'm consciously choosing — from all the ideas calling for my attention — what I will pursue and what I will let go of, for now.

I recognize that on the one hand I want to listen to the people whose wisdom I respect, but on the other I must honor my own wisdom. Balancing the two voices helps me have the guts to do it my way. When I notice a shift toward imbalance, I can make minor adjustments before I get lost charging down someone else's trail.

How will you recalibrate a bit to stay on your trail?

In the quest of knowing ourselves,



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