Dreaming ROI

I’m great at doing, doing, doing. I love to make a list, with little empty boxes next to each item. Then, with immense pleasure, check-off each item with an energetic flourish of a checkmark. I get to say to myself, “Done!” However, I’m learning that while this may be admirable, it’s not the best approach to getting what matters most to me done. This is how the insight came to me.

Initially, my coach invited me to write using this prompt, “What is the value of dreaming?” What I’ve learned as a result has blown my mind. I believe that the ROI (Return on Investment) for dreaming is off the charts!

The first time I gave myself a luscious hour to dream, I just couldn’t do it. I was shocked. How could dreaming be so hard to do? I wanted to throw in the towel. But I just couldn’t quit. I thought, “Wait. What if I just loosened up and had some fun with this?”

It happened to be late on a Friday afternoon. “Why not go for it?” I cranked up the music in my workspace, cracked open a cold beer, and looked at a blank white board. This was beginning to feel fun.

I started moving to the music, grabbing my multi-colored markers, and before I knew it, my whiteboard was filled with the makings of an idea that was originally born more than a year ago during our travels in Patagonia.

That was my first experience with intentionally setting aside time for dreaming. I’ve had more since then. Now I’m convinced that giving ourselves time for dreaming is equally as important as time for planning. They feed each other. One can’t truly grow without the other.

When our mind (planner extraordinaire!) and heart (big dream central!) work in tandem, our visions and desires for the future become reality.

Will you give yourself time to dream?

When? For how long?

I'd love to hear about your dreaming time!

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


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