Unsexy Basics

It's so invigorating to envision the business I'm building, the life I'm creating, and the next big project I'm going to birth.

What's not so exciting is doing the unsexy basics that support all of the above mentioned juicy stuff such as taking the exams to earn certifications, telling myself "no" when ideas don't fit, holding myself accountable for the goals I set, and setting up the accounting structure. 

I love this clever structure I saw on a recent beach walk! It reminds me that the structures we create, including our unsexy basics, can be uniquely ours.

This week, I've experienced the thrill of completing exams to receive certifications in an Emotional Intelligence assessment process, and to become an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Plus, Quickbooks is set-up, and up-to-date. These are part of the foundation for my business.

These things on my to do list have been taunting me for a couple of months. This week I got to feel the exhilaration that comes from setting a goal and checking it off the list! Woohoo!

Those unsexy basics create the solid foundation from which our dreams are built upon.

What are the unfinished unsexy basics taunting you?

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


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