Giant Step, Baby Steps (repeat)

Ten years ago, Keith and I married in a special cove that can only be reached at low tide, below the Yaquina Head lighthouse in Newport, Oregon. Last weekend, I facilitated the final day of a private women’s retreat above that spot. It felt like a time warp.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Photo by Chad Case, Chad Case Photography & Video, April 2008

While there, it occurred to me that ten years ago I also started a Masters degree program with the dream of doing the work I’m doing today. Wow. I never would have imagined that it would take a decade to realize that dream. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to begin.

Looking back, I realized that I have taken a giant step, then tons of baby steps that take me to the next giant step, then tons of baby steps…and so on. Professionally, this is the birds-eye view of what it looked like.

Giant Step: Left a 22-year career. (2008)

Baby Steps: Started Master’s degree program to change professions. Started a job in a completely new field. Completed a 3-year degree program.

Giant Step: Gave ourselves 2-years to ride our motorcycles to the southern tip of South America. (2015)

Baby Steps: Traveled by motorcycle in Latin America with challenges, magic, learning, and so much more.

Giant Step: Went all-in on my dream business. (2017)

Baby Steps: I’m working on these now!

Of course, there are zillions more baby steps that I’m not listing here but I'm pretty sure you get the picture.

We can’t know how long it will take for our dreams to fully come alive. The best we can do is to have the guts to take those giant steps, and the tenaciousness and heart to keep taking those everyday, seemingly meaningless baby steps until one day (like the day last weekend at the women’s retreat!) we realize that our dream is alive.

What’s your dream?

What did (or will!) your Giant Step look like?  

What are the Baby Steps propelling your forward?

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


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