Cultivating Proprioception

Proprioception means asking yourself, "Where is my body in space?

"What?!" That's what I thought when I first heard the word "proprioception" in yoga recently. Then, I learned what it meant and now, it has been weaving throughout my awareness in surprising ways. Curious?

It means sensing the position of your body parts. It sounds simple, and yet how often have you been unconscious of your body's position when bending over to clean house or garden (and strained your back) or typing on the computer (and ended up with knots in your shoulder muscles)? Being aware of the position of our body parts helps us take better care of our remarkable human bodies. 

The meaning expanded further as I noticed sensations inside my body and connected them with situations on the outside, such as communication. For example, I've felt a knot in my diaphragm (just above my stomach and below my ribs) when I'm feeling intimidated/small/not enough in a professional networking situation.

As a result of noticing the physical sensation, I have learned that it's a signal for me to internally press pause. I can choose to take a deep breath, center myself, and communicate authentically from my true self rather than from a wonky emotional state.

Next time you're in an uncomfortable situation, pay attention to your body's sensations. Get curious about the connection between your physical feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Then choose your action.

This is one of the many methods I use in helping my coaching clients reconnect with themselves to reach their goals. It's all connected! Right? Our bodies have wisdom to share with our minds.

What sensation do you feel in your body right now?

Where is it? How does it feel? What might it be trying to tell you?

This proprioception thing takes practice! However, when it works, it's pretty cool to deepen the connection between the physical, intellectual, and emotions parts of ourselves.

In the spirit of knowing ourselves,


P.S. Thank you to Gabe at Harmony Yoga Studio for opening my mind and body to this concept!

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