Shedding Routines


Here's the set-up...

On August 10, 2015, my husband Keith and I took off on our motorcycles for a 2-year journey! We're traveling from Oregon to Canada, across the northern US, down to the southeastern US, across the southwestern US and finally, all the way south to the tip of South America. During this time, I'm dedicating this blog to the inner journey that takes place as a result of our outer journey. 

Today is September 1, 2015 (day 21 on the road) and I'm sharing about the uncomfortable, yet un-skippable, part of the transition process from what was to what is.

Here we go with my first video from the road...

Please let me know if this video is fuzzy. On Vimeo it looks good but I've had some trouble with it here. 

Here's to adventure on the inside and out!



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