Thank you!

                           Thank you!

Making Payments Simple

We want our focus to be on the power of working together so let's push the easy button on the payment process. My goal is to offer convenient ways for you to pay with zero cost to either of us. Sometimes that's tricky. Please feel free to ask questions.


Set up a Venmo account and it's free to transfer funds unless you choose to use a credit card. If you use your credit card, please add 3% to your payment amount.

Thank you!


There are two options for you to pay using your PayPal account by clicking on the button below. 

1. For neither of us to be charged a fee, choose “pay family & friends” and pay with your bank account. This option does not have a “buyer protection plan” because it’s for people who know each other.

2. If you want to have the “buyer protection plan,” choose “goods & services” and add 2.9% to your payment because I'll be charged the fee of 2.9%. This applies to payments made from your bank or credit card.

Thank you!


Please contact me for my mailing address.