Fostering Self Leadership from the Inside Out

Are you ready for your staff to become a team?

I help groups of individuals who want to become a team, focused on the right work. 

A foundational tool for my work with teams is the use of assessments revealing the “how” and “why” behind each person's actions. Plus, an emotional intelligence assessment, indicating a person's ability to manage and understand the affects of his/her emotions.

We will work together to customize training for building skills in the areas you choose. The super-special sauce drizzled over our entire adventure is purposeful, heartfelt coaching. Learn more about the Executive and Personal Coaching Packages I offer.

Let's talk about your current needs and breathe life into your vision! 

The value of using assessments

"We believe all people have unique talent and skills of which they are often unaware. We exist to reveal and harness this talent," say the folks at TTI Success Insights.

One way of helping people learn more about themselves is through assessments in which a person and entire team can see their strengths, communication preferences, potential friction areas, and so much more.

This under 2-minute video is a peek into the assessments I use from TTI Success Insights. The psychometrics are based on five sciences and provide results that are reliable and accurate

This insight tool is a powerful method for people to see themselves through a new lens and give them the language to share the information with others. This self knowledge opens the door to building better relationships with others and with one's self. It's a springboard to meaningful action and results. 

Learn more about TTI by visiting their website or contacting me so we can discuss which assessments best fit your needs.