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Are you ready for your staff to transform from

a group of people into a team?

I help teams who want to be more potent, and are struggling to authentically communicate with each other so they can get the right work done.

I don’t have a cookie-cutter approach. Tell me about your struggles and visions so we can collaboratively design a plan to match your needs.

There are a variety of tools in my toolbox we can use including assessments, crucial conversation processes, vision statement processes, to clarify vision, purpose, mission, strategies, and tactics, and more.

Your Strategic Planning Session is something that I believe a lot of boards, or even different departments in a large corporation could use to set goals and learn how to be a more cohesive group. It really takes someone from the outside to set the tone and keep it moving forward, which you are great at!
— Lori Arce-Torres, Executive Director, Lincoln City Chamber

Please explore more information about my coaching, teams, and speaking services designed to support your team and create an environment where everyone thrives.





Jalene is a talented facilitator capable of getting participants to share important contributions.
— Sherryl Kumi, participant

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