Kind Words

Sometimes when we're with people — chatting, teaching, learning — there's a spark of magic in the air.

I'm thankful for these words of praise from people I've worked with...

Jalene provided me some life coaching sessions. It was enlightening and opened me up in ways I did not expect. I was able to identify areas that I was blocking myself from receiving what I want. This allowed me the insight to start asking for what I need from others and from myself. My experience was life changing and I am glad I made myself a priority long enough to do it. ~Kerri

Jalene is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach. From the first session I felt very comfortable talking to her and amazed that she was able to draw answers out of me that I didn't know I knew. I look forward to our calls and the clarity and direction I get after. ~Zoe

Did a coaching class with Jalene. She is amazing. Very professional, highly skilled and very helpful. ~Raman

Really enjoyed myself yesterday!!! Well worth the trip! The steps I've taken today involve reviewing all my notes from yesterday and attempting to fix in my mind everything that stood out to me. ...thanks so much for all this invaluable information and process. There were several significant aHa's for me. ...I got more than you know out of the experience. ~Merv

Here are some kind words from my co-workers in response to a question from the book Louder Than Words by Todd Henry:

Please give me three words that describe how you see me functioning when I’m adding my greatest value and a brief description of why each of the three is significant.

Brave: You are willing to share things about yourself that others don't and it comes from a very pure place of trying to help others find their way.

Good listener: You try to understand others viewpoints and this makes you have a very fair moral compass.

Committed: Once you decide something is important, you commit to making it work. You throw yourself wholly in. You are true to your word. You are reliable.

Compassionate: You are firm, and you care about people. Or I could say you care about others but in a clear-sighted way, not in a naive way.

Passionate: There's a lot of passion tied to whatever piques your interest. You want to learn more about it. What can I learn from it? How will it influence my life?

Energetic: Your innate energy is what supports, motivates and heightens the passion and focus of what you choose to do. That is the driving force behind your sense of adventure, daring, and seeking of newness in your Life.