Executive & Personal Coaching Packages

I help powerful female leaders who are always improving (and sometimes anxious!) do what they want.


Are you a powerful female leader?

Here's my definition.

She leads herself first.

She's courageous and vulnerable, a beginner and a mentor.

She does what excites her, even though it's scary.

She's willing to move beyond the edge of her comfort zone, even when it's awkward and she's stumbling and bumbling because she's new at it. 

She knows that whatever she's practicing, she's getting better at doing.

She's driven by an inner desire to learn, grow, and share.


Our world needs her to be powered up and doing her work!


Whether you're an executive leader, director, manager, or adventurous woman pushing past the edges of your comfort zone to create a new chapter in your life, my mission is to help you connect with your heart, voice, and leadership ju-ju to bring inspiration and meaning to the professional and personal aspects of you.


Together we'll cross the chasm between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.


I'm thrilled that you're curious about working together. I offer two coaching packages with themes inspired by two years of travel on my motorcycle in Latin America.


Are you ready to take an adventure into you?

There’s no right way, there’s only your way.
— Jalene Case

Patagonia Quest Coaching Package


Patagonia's peaks jut dynamically upwards. Its valleys stretch expansively outward. The raw remoteness of the environment sparks deeper contemplation, bigger dreams, and bolder actions.

Is it time to strengthen your voice, figure out what's next, and take action?

Do you feel alone in the process and wish you had a combo of loving support and kick-ass accountability?

Are you ready to go all-in to become the woman you've been imagining in your mind and heart?


Here's what you can expect from our one-on-one work together:

  • An initial 2-hour session recorded via Zoom video
  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month via phone or Zoom video
  • Psychometric assessments to reveal behaviors, motivators, beliefs, competencies, and emotional intelligence
  • Dreaming bigger
  • Envisioning your desires and goals
  • Removing obstacles
  • Enlivening core values
  • Connecting with your life purpose
  • Replenishing with superb self care
  • Gentle yet firm accountability
  • 3, 6, or 9 month commitment options available



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