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My name is Jalene and I help powerful female leaders who are always improving (and sometimes anxious!) do what they want.

Are you a powerful female leader?

Here's my definition:

  • She leads herself first.

  • She's courageous and vulnerable, a beginner and a mentor.

  • She does what excites her, even though it's scary.

  • She's willing to move beyond the edge of her comfort zone, even when it's awkward and she's stumbling and bumbling because she's new at it. 

  • She knows that whatever she's practicing, she's getting better at doing.

  • She's driven by an inner desire to learn, grow, and share.


Our world needs you to be powered up and doing your work! Together we'll cross the chasm between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

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I'm thrilled! Choose from coaching packages, workshops, and retreats designed to support your personal growth journey. Take a look…I am excited to getting to know you!


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There’s no right way, there’s only your way.
— Jalene Case


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